AnchorX is a registered corporation with the State of Florida, USA since January 2018.  AnchorX was renamed from Bitcoin Siuperstore in September 2019. 

Team Values
Our team prides itself on integrity and our outstanding customer service.
At AnchorX, we believe cryptocurrency is the future, and significant developments will take place with the use of blockchain technology.

Our team is dedicated to helping spread the usage of cryptocurrency as a true currency.  Spend and replace is our motto!

Countries Delivered to

accepted cryptocurrencies

Supported Coins

Select a coin to find out more about how you can use cryptocurrency to buy from any online retailer!

The Team

We have a 4-person team that works around the clock to fulfill orders and deliver outstanding customer service.  For transparency, please feel free to meet our founder through the links provided below.

John Hicks


IT professional/entrepreneur with 5 years in the field.